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Kicking the Wyrm's Ass
The Saga of Conrad Steelclaw, Modi of the Get of Fenris
Disclaimer: This is a journal for a fictional character. None of the people or incidents in this journal are real (much as we might like them to be!).

Conrad Hartmann is attending Whiteoak College on a football scholarship. To the Garou of the Sept of the Three Old Oaks, he is also Steelclaw, Ahroun of the Get of Fenris and the beta of the Wyld Hunters pack.
I will get Aidan out of this funk if it's the last thing I do. I know he's taking Brendan's passing hard, but we need a strong alpha right now. The End isn't gonna wait while he mopes around like a calf that's lost its mother.

Maybe Gunther's right, and he needs a good night of drinking and a fight to get it out of his system. Or maybe I ought to push him towards either of those two Kin lovers he's got.

Here goes nothing....

Feeling: determined

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